Sunday, January 31, 2010

Adventure here I come!!!

Searching for adventure on the inside and out.
Running around in circles feeling my soul needs to shout.
Embracing the rain and seizing the wind, begging and pleading for my adventure to begin.
A new direction, and a journey not known, desperate to travel, not always alone.
Sharing a view or, a sweet spring air, letting you know I'm not sure how we will fare.
Through the dark and the cold I step on ahead up in the morning straight out of bed.
Away from the same and into the new,
todays a fresh start, what shall we do?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Finally made it back out for a run this morning. I thoroughly enjoy the pre dawn run although I am not too fond of tripping over the hidden obstacles that lurk in the dark. Tomorrow I think I will head out at 6:45 so that i can have a bit more light. No need to injure myself before I get back on track with the running. Day one is done. I am looking forward to day two although I am weary because I know how weak willed I can be. This is why the Earthbound Running idea is so great. By having a running partner and or group to run with one creates an obligation that helps motivate ones self to get off ones can. That is a lot of ones! At least thats how it works in theory. I suppose for the EarthboundRunning group to really work there needs to be the group aspect. So far I am a group of one. I know there are some other runners out there I just need to convince them that running together is in their best interest.

I've decided that I should purchase a new pair of kicks for my feet. Running kicks that is. Who knows how many miles the old pair has on them. So far my favorite have been the Mizuno Brand. They are roomy, provide stability and can handle the downward force of us bigger runners. It will be interesting to see what shoe the shoe professionals suggest I use for the style of foot movement I have. Hopefully it will match their last diagnosis. Ultimately it comes down to what feels best on my foot but if your going to try and run some serious miles it is worth investing in a pair of shoes that works with the style of pronation or lack of pronation that you have.

Until next time, thanks for reading along. Wish me luck with tomorrows running adventure.

Joey Brisson

EarthboundRunning (Join it!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Earthbound Learning?

It has been a while since my last post. I guess I feel like I have had nothing to say to the world in this past month. I know, hard to believe that "mr talks a lot" has nothing to say but trust me, it happens!

I've decided to try a new program at the clubhouse starting next Monday. Oh, for those of you who don't know.....
I have been blessed in that people in the community of Petaluma have given me the opportunity to run and after school program for youths ages 6 to 18. We serve, on average, about 120 kids a day for 4 hours.

Anyways, the new program...

Where in the World? Do you like the title?

Program Objective: To increase members geographical knowledge about California, the United States and the World by exposing them to images and information from around the world. (Still working on how to make this a measurable objective)

Target Age Group: 7-11

Session 1: Introduction to the 7 Continents. North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Australia.

Using pictures from google Earth and a live demonstration of Google Earth the staff will introduce the seven different continents to participants. Each participant will be given a map of the world and be asked to color each of the seven continents different color therefore demonstrating their knowledge of the information presented.

Completed maps that demonstrate the lessons objective will be posted around the club.

More to come. I will update this with each weeks lesson. Hopefully with time the format will get easy for me and this blog posting will get a bit more interesting. Thanks for reading along and of course any comments or ideas are welcome.

Oh, and if you are someone with the talent to cook some sort of small appetizer or dish that is somehow culturally significant please let me know. I would love to include many different ideas into this program. Example: I teach about about Mexico, you make a small dish, using our kitchen, and we serve it to the youth after the lesson. Of course, you need to be of solid character and positive disposition. Please let me know if you are interested.

See you soon

Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome to LA

I made it! Hello LA, it has been a long time. A year to be exact. It's nice to see you haven't changed much. Smoggy air, tons of traffic and lots of freeway time. However, so I am not totally an LA grinch I will mention the few things that I do enjoy down here. Your bright night time lights and fancy cars. Warm air and proximity to the ocean and the mountains. And so many of the family members reside in your periphery. So, away with the LA frown and hello to the LA smile.
This time down I took 101 all the way. Santa Rosa to LA via 101. It takes way longer than the 5 but totally worth it. I spent about 8 hours making the trip whereas if I had taken 5 I may have made it in 6 or so. Anyways, the scenery was terrific and there was always something to look at along the way.
WARNING!!!! Driving while looking at the surrounding scenery can be hazardous to your health.

Not pictures that I took! Photos from Google Earth of course.

Cool looking bridge between the ocean and 101. Can't forget about the bridges right! Pictures form GE too.

Seems to be plenty of bridges out there to discover.
SO, thanks for thumbing through the blog again.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

note to self

It is time to begin the running again! I feel defeated just in saying this and accepting the amount of work that lies ahead. I haven't moved for nearly four months. Marathon? Holly sh_t! There is a half I should hit first in Marin County. I completed it last year wit a time that I was very proud of. And the SF Marathon? I hear it's a nightmare. Up hill, down hill, and so long! Well, for now I must decide on a path to achieve this goal.
Eat Better
Move again

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Patience, Practice, Persistence

The after school environment is difficult indeed. For 4 hours a day we must put others before ourselves and serve the youth of our community whole heartedly. Everyday is a new day for our kids and ourselves. Yesterday happened! Today is today, a new day with new chances and new choices to make.
Often I see myself, and others, reacting to situations in negative ways because of patterns of behavior displayed by our youth.

Example: Little Johnny continually acts out by jumping around and running in the gym during a time when everyone is expected to be lining up. It is not fair to Johnny if we, the adults, proceed by saying, "Johnny!!! Get in line, you are ALWAYS running about and not listening. No games for you today." What has happened is that we are taking his behavior from the past, and today, and using it to punish him. Instead, one must address the current situation, point out what the expected behavior is and then give Johnny a chance to correct the behavior. Yes, it is okay to remind Johnny that this behavior is noticed often. No, it is not okay to let yesterdays behavior be the sole influence on our decision today. Yes, take past behavior into consideration when dealing with Johnny, however, today needs to be a new chance for Johnny to improve that behavior. This is much harder than simply punishing. It takes PATIENCE, PRACTICE, and PERSISTENCE.

We must be PATIENT because these behaviors we are seeing (all negative behaviors not just the running in the gym) can take a very long time to correct. Although possible, change overnight is not realistic. Remember, after the 4 hours you are spending with Johnny he has twenty more to go without your influence, suggestions and role modeling. You should not be surprised when the behavior is repeated the next day.

We must PRACTICE how we deal with kids everyday. No one is expected to be perfect in their dealings every time. However, if we continually practice the correct ways to speak with our members it will become easier. And kids need practice too. They have to practice hearing and listening to direction and then correcting behavior based on our guidance. The ability to take instruction, understand it, and then change behavior is something that takes a lifetime of practice. I'm 30 now and still not sure I've gotten it down.

We must be PERSISTENT in our efforts to help influence Johnny's behavior. If Johnny acts up, we address it. Every time! Every day! (Addressing it correctly of course) Everyone involved with being a role model for Johnny must be willing to address his behaviors and be persistent in correcting them. If we sit by and watch we are only hindering our own efforts to change the behavior.

Remain positive, and try to use language that is appropriate for the age group. Remain calm and handle the situation. You are the adult, show everyone how adults are supposed to act. By doing this you will be showing Johnny the correct way to handle himself as well.

Hope some of this makes since. I struggle every day to find the patience to handle any number of situations. Working with kids is hard, very hard! It will test you and take you to your limits. You will want to crack (and sometimes will) and give up. Yelling, punishing, ignoring and dismissing are the easy reactions. Being patient is hard, finding the correct coarse of action is tuff, and getting results is the hardest. But through PATIENCE, PRACTICE, and PERSISTENCE you can do it.

One last thing. Everyday is a new day. Be your best today. Be positive, caring and respectful and let all who come into contact with you be better off for it. Thanks for reading the blog again. I can't begin to say how much it helps just to get some thoughts out.

Happy Thursday

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Need blogging help!

Yesterdays blog had a different format when I was creating it. Unfortunately, when I published it all went to heck. Maybe someday I'll figure this stuff out. Until then, please be patient with my efforts as a BLOGGER!
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